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A few days ago, we saw a little quote that said, “Opening your closet should be like arriving at a very good party where everyone you see is someone you like.”

You want to find everything you need in your closet – isn’t that a dream?

A clean and organized closet is on everyone’s mind, but only a bunch of people do something about it. Are you doing anything about it?

You want your home to be dazzling, neat, and beautiful, but the messy closet or the little rack in the corner has pushed you to make some changes.

What you need are some closet organizer ideas!

We’ve got you! Here’s an article that sheds light on everything you need to know about organizing a small room with a small closet. Dive right in to know more!

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What’s a Closet Organizer?

A closet organizer is a system of organizing that includes shelves, drawers, rods, and so on to organize all your clothes, accessories, and shoes. These organizers are built into the closet, so you get everything in one place and there is no need to find items.

Many times, women and men struggle to fold every piece of clothing and keep it in the closet. But with an organizer, you will have separate places for everything you own. You can find your shoes on one side, and your pants on the other. This is not just meant for women – everyone needs it. Men like to keep it simple, so sorting garments in a closet organizer makes everything straightforward.

It is a wonderful opportunity to discard old clothes and accessories too because you will be able to keep everything in place and get rid of things you do not need.

Having a closet organizer makes organization easy-peasy! It saves a lot of time which everyone needs to complete all the other chores.

Also, organizing items carefully and properly also helps in increasing the lifespan of your clothes. And the best part is these closet organizers are great for small rooms too. Since many people live in apartments, they struggle with closet space issues.

But we are solution-focused and do not focus too much on problems.

Head to the next section as we share how you organize a small room with a small closet and more.

How do you organize a small room with a small closet? 

Everyone dreams of the perfect walk-in closet. Do you remember how Carrie Bradshaw’s boyfriend built a beautiful walk-in closet for her in the movie, Sex and the City? It felt like a dream come true but not everyone has that kind of space unless you turn a room into a walk-in closet.

Well, your apartment may not be as big, but you can still get all your belongings inside your closet using a closet organizer.

Here’s something you should know:

It is difficult to build a walk-in closet when you have limited space. This is where you bring a design company to build a small closet with organizers in them. It helps because you won’t have to keep your shoes outside and every other belonging will make its way into your closet space. Get a closet organizer near Indianapolis and say goodbye to all your woes!

These days most people are living in apartments, so the space is cramped. But you don’t have to worry about the space requirement because a design company closet organizers will allow you to keep all your belongings in dedicated spaces. You do not have to throw all your clothes in a wardrobe with no shelves or drawers. This way, you will never find what you need when you have to rush to the office.

When you organize a small room with a small closet, make sure you are keeping all the daily-wear items visible because you don’t want to ‘find’ the usual clothing every morning.

Closet organizers are the best space-saving method because you can ask the design company to build shelves and dividers within the closet. This way, you don’t have to give up more space in the bedroom or any other room.

How do I maximize my small closet space?

A small storage space is not ideal, but some people don’t have a choice. They have to make peace with a smaller closet space. However, there are some smart ways to maximize the small closet space too.

Let’s face it: messy wardrobes give you needless stress and you don’t want to be in that situation where you are not able to find what you need. Whether it’s your joggers for the gym or the right pants with your blazer – you want everything to be ready to wear.

Shabby wardrobes can not only give you stress, but they also cause unnecessary delay. You feel irritated when freshly ironed clothes get messed up when they are kept or ‘thrown’ in a shabby closet.

When you live in a small condo or an older home, you can have space-related issues. But don’t worry about it – even a small closet space can be organized and used for keeping all your belongings. Yes, all your perfumes, shoes, and clothes can fit into the smaller closet.

Here are a few space-saving tips to maximize the small closet space:

  • Be a little more selective about what goes inside the closet. There are items you don’t wear or will never wear. Do you remember the clothes you’ve saved to wear when you get thinner? Don’t keep them in your closet because they are only taking up extra space. Clothing tends to get buried, so only keep items that you wear daily. Do not let your favourite clothes get buried and lost in your closet!
  • Closet organizers help you maximize the functionality of your closet. You can get the organizers custom-made and place all the essential items. You can get a custom closet organizer near Meridian Hills, IN, and properly keep all your belongings.
  • Seasonal clothing should only be a part of the closet when the season arrives. For example, winter clothing should not be a part of your closet when it is summer. Will you be using the heavy coat during spring? The answer is NO. Similarly, your bikini and summer dresses don’t have to be in the closet when it is peak winter season. If you don’t need seasonal clothing at that point, keep the items in a different space. Don’t let them crowd up your closet.
  • Keep a step stool with you to reach the hard-to-access areas. A custom closet organizer design company will share some solutions for this too, but we urge you to use every little space that your closet has. Use a step stool to get clothes and other items that are kept in the hard-to-reach spaces. There is no harm in using the upper shelves or the corners tucked somewhere above.
  • Add more hanging rods if you can to make space for more clothing items such as blazers, pants, shirts, ties, and other clothing that can be hung. You do not want to throw items on the shelf. Simply fold the clothing and hung it on the rod. Simple! Isn’t that a simple way to keep your closet organized?
  • Pull-out tie racks and hooks are useful because you can keep some items in their dedicated spaces. For example, once you have worn the tie, you can do a single fold and keep it on the pull-out tie rack.

But whatever you do, make sure you invest in closet organizers because it is the best way to keep everything well-organized.

Closet organizers make life simpler and reduce overall stress too. Life is already too stressful and a disorganized closet space adds to your anxiety.

How do I organize my bedroom closet?

You want your belongings to be set in the bedroom the best way possible. But you don’t want the items to be cluttered or shabby.

It’s time to organize the bedroom closet with organizers.

Shelf dividers are great for heavier items. You do not want the clothes to mix up which is why shelf dividers are much-needed.

Drawers are best for organizing smaller items such as your underwear, leggings, sports bras, and so on. You can also safeguard your accessories and jewellery in the box and keep them on these shelves.

When organizing your bedroom closet, consider getting both shelves and drawers so that these could accommodate all your clothes and basics. You do not have to spare too much space to organize all your belongings in one small closet. All you need is the right design company to give you the best closet organizer.

A custom closet organizer can help organize the space keeping in mind the size of your room and the closet.

You can select from one of the designs that the company shows you. They will have some samples ready – so make sure you take a look at all the possibilities.

How do you make a walk-in closet in a small bedroom?

We don’t blame you for getting a cute little apartment for yourself, but the space can be a little restricted to accommodate all your belongings. That’s why you need to be smart, hire a design company, and then indulge in a brainstorming session.

Small bedrooms can be tricky because you want to fit everything into the room without making it look cluttered.

At such times, you wish for a walk-in closet. How do you make it a living reality? Well, here are a few ideas that will help you get started.

  • If there is a free wall in the bedroom, you can convert it into a walk-in closet. The single-wall walk-in closets are the best for small bedrooms. The designer you hire to make this walk-in closet should be smart enough to create a clever design. The main clothing area should be in the centre whereas other shelves such as the shoe rack should be on the sides. You can display your good-looking shoes on the sides, and keep the main clothing in the center.
  • Walk-in closets can be unique! You can get doors on your walk-in closets, but instead of the usual material, you can opt for mirrors. When adding mirror doors to your walk-in closet, you also make the room appear larger. Moreover, the mirror door will make the room look swanky and modern. These days many people are opting for these mirror doors on walk-in closets to conceal the contents.
  • Sliding doors give a walk-in closet appeal, and they don’t even take up too much space. You don’t have to slam open a door – just slide it and get a walk-in closet vibe. It adds a minimalistic modern touch to your bedroom. And yes, these sliding doors are the best for smaller rooms.
  • Create a little dressing room by adding a dressing table next to your closet. This works well if you have some space near the closet. It looks quite classy, and you can dress up and take a quick sneak peek at how your outfit looks. Once again, this works best in small rooms only when there is space next to the closet.

A little note: focus on proper lighting too. Lighting makes all the difference!

Interesting ideas, right? These can work in real if you are willing to hire the best custom closet organizer designer for the project. Professionals are brimming with new and improved ideas!

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